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Continuous Stills : Julian Lee Asia One Photographic Awards 2018

Exhibition Period:
26th Oct 2018 – 16th Nov 2018,
11am-7pm (Monday to Sunday)

Venue: Singing Waves Gallery, L3, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre , 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

Photography seemingly captures and freezes moments meanwhile allowing the time itself to drift in different perspectives, speeds and dimensions; it seizes certain moments and thoughts at a certain point of time meanwhile also acting as an ongoing continuous practice to the artists, provoking further actions, thoughts, emotions and reactions for the artists themselves and others. It always has been in a state of in-betweenness.

Continuous Stills is a joint photographic exhibition featuring 5 artists, Peter Chung, Chacky Fung Wing Hei, Andy Li San Kit, Leung Yui Wai and Winsome Wong Dumalagan. The 5 artists contemplates their idea of photography in their very own unique ways through the exhibition: the demonstration of the nature-and-urban co-existence; the extension for interpersonal relationships through photographical media; the reflection upon the ambiguity of the ownership of memory and photography; the exploration of a hidden side of Hong Kong ; and a poetic representation of nature and us.

This exhibition is supported by The Julian Lee Asia One Photographic Awards, which were first established in 2014 as the Julian Lee Photographic Scholarships. They are named after the late Mr Julian Lee, former Associate Professor in the SCM at CityU. Asia One Communications Group installed a new fund to the scholarship in 2015, and the scholarship was renamed as the Julian Lee Asia One Photographic Awards. The awards help talented students from School of Creative Media to organise their own photographic exhibitions and showcase their creative work. graphic.jpg