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"Some Frame About Us" Group Exhibition

開幕時間:2月27日 下午7:00
Opening: Feburary 27th, 7:00pm
Date: Feburary 27th – March 10th, 2017
Location: Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, 6/F

李新傑Li San Kit (
林嘉希Lam Ka Hei
陸家敏Luk Ka Man
區子朗Au Tze Long (
朱文雅Chu Man Nga
林智康Lam Chi Hong
張旻匡Cheung Man Hong (

「Some Frame About Us」是七位即將畢業的創意媒體學院學生策劃的一場展覽,希望展示畢業作品的現況。我們以生活中的「框架」為創作重心,經重覆的行為和視點尋找規律,一點點的累積、堆疊,一點點的成為了自己的雛型。

"Some Frame About Us" is a group exhibition featuring seven works by upcoming SCM graduates. By exhibiting some related works, it is a showcase of our on-going final year project.

Not only does frame exist in everyday life, it also appears in our artworks. Works that are featured in the exhibition took the concept of frame as a starting point, seek for a unique rhythm through repetitive practices and perspectives, as a way to construct, compile each of us.