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Un_______able Folder 2.0 : You As Well

得不到Folder 2.0 : 依然是你

Artists : Chan Ka Kiu, Li San Kit, Wu Jiaru, Yan Wai Yin
藝術家 : 陳嘉翹, 李新傑, 吳佳儒, 忻慧妍

31/1 - 23/2/2020 @ Negative Space

You will draw a perfect ending for this week with compliments and intimacy of an unfamiliar face or a long-awaited friend. You might be able to reunite a struggling relationship. Although you might not be able to make a new “key” at the moment, the relationship is possible to turn brighter and more lively again with the work of two. You think you have answers to certain questions, but the situation has changed — maybe some things are just impossible. Good or bad is unpredictable, you have to get the true messages to get to the answer—- a crystal clear one. Once you let go of all your negative emotions, you free yourself from the invisible cage, magic will shine on you. Drop your guards and go out for some fresh air, do some planting or exercises. You haven’t done that enough. Spending time with interesting people will be good for your mind and soul. Remember one thing: be faithful and patient, things are not as hard as they seem. Trust your instinct and you will see the light. Don’t keep your anxiety inside, try to talk with someone or reach out for help. Fear not when you hear the voice of doubt, overcome your insecurity, prepare for another spring. This month, you will be very convincing, but be sure that you will not use this advantage to do things against your conscience. At the end of the month, you will learn more and more about the importance of integrity and dignity.


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